Import & Export

To manage our huge inventory, we have partnered with several distributors and courier services in the GCC, whose modern and threat-tested logistics methodology, alongside our warehouse capacity, distribution strength and positive business approach, create an unstoppable logistics force.

Online Innovations

Whether through B2B or B2C sales, between our distribution center, signature stores and kiosks, or individual stands, we will reach our customer base efficiently and cost-effectively.


we launched Golden Etqan in Saudi Arabia in partnership with long established and highly-regarded-in-the-business-world local partners who in turn, are supported by respected and knowledgeable senior personnel.

Why Us ?

Our goal is gain an international reputation as the most reliable, innovative and marketresponsive business partner in personal communications in the emerging markets of the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Both as a distributor of leading brands and as manufactures of our own quality products, we aim to establish positive, long-lasting relationships with manufactures, distributors, service providers and sales organizations doing business in the region.

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